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Musician. Drummer. Composer. vocalist.

 fall  2022

Camry Harris, known professionally as CamryHD is an American rapper, drummer, and songwriter.  Best known for his amazing rhythmic work on drums and his heartfelt lyrics and poetry,  his days of touring with different bands, great artist and songwriters on the road has heavily influenced his unique inspirational style.  

Music4Peace concert series.

'A Tribute To living legends in hip-hop'

Camry Harris has teamed up with People 4 People Productions to help raise funds for film Media Literacy Education programs for Youth.   

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Music Finishing Fund

When you support my Music Finishing Fund

you help me expand my listening audience and the community impact songs like 'Vibes of Hope'  can have in spreading positive vibes, goodwill and peace.   

Vibes OF hOPE

featuring CamryHD , Pennhose & DJ Pizzy Exclusives

Writing for the masses

sending vibes of hope

we are never letting go

of the peace that he bestows

Thank You For Your Generous Suppott.

It's Greatly Appreciated

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